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Chiropractic Marketing on the Web Results in New Patients

You can spend a lot of money advertising your practice and getting your name in front of the public, but most will not contact you until they are in pain. So do you want to spend money on radio, TV and print ads and hope that people will remember you 6, 9 or 12 months later when they need your help?

Lets face it yellow pages used to be the place people went they were in pain. Now the yellow pages are not even a door stop, they go straight into the recycling bin. With smart phones, tablets and computers everywhere, more than 85% of people do a Google search for a chiropractor. Do you want to be the person they see immediately when they are in pain?

Chiropractic Marketing via Search Engines

Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Websites

Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Websites

Patients often wake up in pain before your office opens. Wouldn’t it be great to have them find you and request an appointment at 3 am. With our medical marketing methods we can make that happen.

Providing a Positive ROI through Evidence based Chiropractic Marketing Methods

We follow evidence based marketing principles. This means we use proven techniques to get results just as you do when you help patients. We do not guess!

The money you invest is applied to medical marketing techniques that generate patients in ways that are known to produce positive results. Our clients benefit from our continuous improvement program. Every step of the buying process is measured. We review our results and adapt to the ever changing competition for more effective results.

We help you advertise your chiropractic services. Give us a call and we will connect with you online via a 17 minute video conference to walk you through options for your practice.

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