Step 1

What Are Your Most Profitable Services?

Assess Your Practice

In the assessment phase, we will look at which of your services are the most profitable, and which are in highest demand.

By looking at your Medical Practice from a business perspective, we can determine where you will get the biggest return on your marketing dollars.

Step 2

Where Are The Holes In Your Marketing?

Diagnose Your Marketing

In the diagnose phase, we will look at the holes in your medical marketing plan, and your past strategy and tactics.

We will find the biggest leverage points in your marketing, and determine where you need to make adjustments to bring in the right patients for your best services.

Step 3

What's Your Best Marketing Strategy?

Prescribe Your Web Solution

In the prescribe phase, we will help you understand which marketing tactics and strategies will make the biggest impact on your medical office.

We know marketing, and we know the medical field, so we will provide you with the best and most relevant marketing prescription.

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